Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At the Temple of Nemesis

From Spanking Sally - why not indulge?

The rising wind stirred the wild flowers lining the path as we walked towards the ruins of the temple.  It stood on a small peninsula, overlooking the bright blue strait.  Vast slabs of white marble dedicated to the goddess of retribution.
“We shouldn’t eat our lunch here.  It will anger her.”
My girlfriend cast a worried look at the racing clouds and I smiled indulgently.  The wind whipped strands of hair across her face and she brushed them back.  She looked like a model from a Pre-Raphaelite painting, pale skinned, sharp-eyed, with a mass of curling auburn hair.  I looked around for other visitors but the temple was ours for a time. 
“You’re sweet.  Have a grape, Maddie.”
Before she could complain, I slipped the fruit between her lips.  Forbidden fruit on the altar of revenge?  Maddie chewed and swallowed.  I watched her throat pulse with a predatory urge. 
“It’s getting quite stormy,” she said, looking out across the water.  I touched her cheek, then stroked the smooth curve of skin from ear to shoulder and she shivered, closed her eyes.
“Someone might come along.”
There was resistance in her voice but also desire, submission.  I kissed her, tasting the faint residual sweetness of the grape.  Her lips were full and trembled slightly.  I could feel her heart beating through her thin cotton top.
“I want you now,” I said.
I kissed her harder, taking her lower lip between my teeth and biting.  I knew she was becoming wet, her panties soaking up the musky juice.  I lowered my head to nibble her neck, simultaneously tracing the budding contours of her nipples.  Maddie’s eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open.  She gasped. 
“What do you think the goddess would say about me eating your sweet pussy on the altar?”
Maddie didn’t reply.  A sudden gust of wind ruffled the trees and cloud shadows stained the marble slabs.  Sensing victory, I gently laid her down on the cool smooth step.  Her unruly hair streamed over the stone, dark red on white, a fire for the gods.  I pushed up her top and ran the tip of my tongue around her small pink nipples, feeling them harden in the wet heat of my mouth.  She arched her spine, arms draped languidly above her head, feeding me with her small firm breasts.  I told her she was beautiful and she smiled enigmatically, satisfied at my enslavement.  I listened for intruders but all I heard was rustling leaves.  I lifted Maddie’s skirt, insinuated my hand beneath her panties.  She lay still, thighs parted, head thrown back, completely sacrificed to our desire.  Her pussy was slick, filled with viscous juice.  I pushed one finger deep inside her wetness, into the tiny cushion of her cervix, felt her convulse.
“Taste yourself.  Taste how much you need me.”
I slid my hand out and placed my scented forefinger against her lips.  She licked eagerly, surrounding my finger with moist velvet heat.  It was my turn to close my eyes, the temple receding, the wind fading out as if someone had turned the volume down.  Beneath me, Maddie lay waiting, wide open, wanton and disheveled.  Like a sleepwalker I caressed the soft planes of her thighs with the palms of my hands then dipped to kiss her clit through the fine damp fabric of her panties.  She shuddered and her fingers found my hair, short and blonde, twisting a few fine tendrils as she ground her hips against my face.  I breathed on her through the tantalizing second skin of cloth, slowly moving from north to south, skimming over her body, close enough for her to feel the humid caress of my mouth.  Her fingers tightened in my hair, almost bringing tears to my eyes.
“Make me come,” she demanded, dropping her hands to tug at her panties, easing them down over her hips, exposing her glistening russet haired pussy.  Thunder rolled in the distance, somewhere beyond the island of Evia.  I glanced over my shoulder but we were still alone.  Scarlet poppies danced between the tumbled stones, startling against the rocky ground.
I kissed her clit for the second time, respectfully, honoring my personal concept of goddess.  Maddie shifted on the hard surface, restless as the wind, eager for my worship.  Slowly, I swirled my tongue over her labia, pushed it deep inside her, coating my lips with her juices.  Then I kissed her mouth, let her suck her essence from my musky lips before returning to the source for another draught. 
“That feels so good.” Her murmur was carried away by the wind and a few heavy drops spattered the marble.  I made an O of my mouth and surrounded Maddie’s swollen clit, flicking it with the very tip of my tongue, feeling the rain on my back.   Urgently, she pressed my face against her pussy, grinding her hips, fucking my mouth.  I felt her grow warmer, even wetter, her juices bathing me from nose to chin.  I slipped two fingers inside her, penetrated her to the hilt, knowing it would send her over the edge.  Her hands tightened in my hair then she cried out, writhing on the step until I held her down, kissing her hands, her face, her mouth.  She lay gasping, eyes closed, the essence of abandonment, with the skewed clothes and wild hair of a maenad.
The rain was falling in earnest, making my shirt stick to my spine.  Somewhere close by were voices beyond the crumbling pillars.  Maddie sat up, wriggling into her panties, demurely pulling down her skirt.  I passed my hand across my lips, sweet, sticky, and picked up the lunch bag of cheese, bread and grapes.  My girlfriend looked sheepish, a hint of a blush in her pale cheeks. 
“I told you the goddess wouldn’t like it,” she whispered self-consciously as a group of visitors approached up the path.  I laughed and kissed her, thinking that Nemesis only gave what was richly deserved.  I thought of our room at the villa and its vast bed, of beginning all over again, laying my goddess down upon a softer, more forgiving altar.  Divine retribution?  The very best kind, sweet as honey, sweet as dates. 

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