Saturday, August 6, 2011

Miss Donohue

By Jay Lawrence and Harry Neptune

Miss Donohue stood in the door of the deserted girls’ changing room. The last hockey players had gone, off to their homework and whatever else they found to do outside the walls of the school. Sports implements littered the benches against the walls and overflowed to the floor. Hockey and lacrosse sticks, shin pads and gloves, tennis racquets and the occasional cricket bat. The windows were closed now, trapping the lingering steam from the showers and the smell of young lady sweat.
Sadie had not taken a shower. Miss Donohue knew that. She walked across the damp, muddy floor to Sadie’s locker, the lock left carelessly undone. Sadie had hung her school uniform skirt and blouse on a hook inside the door and dropped her underwear in a crumpled heap below it. She had gone home in her hockey gear with her satchel over her shoulder.
Miss Donohue’s breath and heartbeat came quicker. A little moisture appeared at her temples. She reached for the pile of underwear and took out Sadie’s white cotton panties. She held them lightly in her hands, then squeezed them hard, then hesitatingly brought them to her lips. Her tongue peeked out and touched the sweat stained crotch. Her nose caught a familiar scent and she convulsively buried her face in the material. She could smell sweat and a musty, juicy smell she knew so well from her own fingers. The smell of Sadie’s sex, of the juices seeping from her vagina when she daydreamed in class of devil-may-care buccaneers ravishing her on tropical islands.
Miss Donohue’s heart went trip hammer fast. She felt a pulsing between her legs, felt her own silk knickers stick to the dampness invading her pubic hair. Still holding Sadie’s panties, she kicked off her shoes and undid the zip down the back of her long plain dress. She shrugged it from her shoulders and worked it over her hips. She freed it from her legs and looked for somewhere to hang it, then impatiently flung it on a bench. Her silk brassiere matched her knickers. She unhooked it at the front and threw it after her dress. Her breasts were full, pale skin and large nipples, now engorged and hard in the open air.
She buried her face in Sadie’s panties again, breathed hard through the cotton and dragged the scent through her nose and over her palate into her lungs. She dragged the panties over her neck and to her breasts. Now her own sweat was mixed with Sadie’s sweat and juices. She squeezed her nipples savagely through the material. Her eyes were almost shut and she made mewling sounds.
Still pressing the panties close to herself, she massaged her stomach, down to the line of her knickers. She pushed the panties inside the silk and rubbed her clitoris with them, feeling it swell proud beneath the soaking material. Her forefinger found its way into her vagina, still wrapped in Sadie’s panties. She thrust it in and out in time with rubbing her mound. Her hair had been pinned up but now flew free with the violence of her motions, obscuring her face and her neck, almost down to her breasts.
Miss Donohue bent double when the orgasm rushed through her. Her forehead touched her knees. Her knees collapsed until her bottom touched her heels. Two fingers were deep inside her. The cotton, rougher then the bare fingers and nails she usually felt inside herself, set new sensations flowing from her vagina to her clitoris. She came again without expecting it and rolled to the floor on her side, still bent in on herself. She quieted. She was almost asleep. Her fingers hardly moved now, softly twitching in a residual rhythm.
After a few minutes Miss Donohue rose slowly. She leaned against the open locker, breathing more easily. She brushed the hair away from her face. She was soaked in sweat. She gently rubbed her face and neck with Sadie’s panties. She placed them carefully on top of Sadie’s bra in the locker.
She ran the tips of her fingers round the waistband of her own knickers. She hooked her thumbs over the silk and pulled them over her hips, past her sodden pubic hair, down her thighs and past her knees, her calves, stepping out of them one foot at a time.
Miss Donohue took Sadie’s panties out of the locker. She touched them to her nose and lips once more. She bent down and stepped into them. Her mature bottom was fuller than Sadie’s and the elastic pinched her waist and thighs.
She lifted Sadie’s bra from the locker. It was a size too big for her, even for her woman’s breasts. Sadie’s blouse and skirt were hung from a hook inside the locker door. Miss Donohue put the blouse on and buttoned it up, leaving the neck open. Her arms were bare in the short sleeves.
She unhooked the skirt and uncovered a photograph taped onto the door. It was a young man, in jeans and shirtless, handsome and smiling and muscled, leaning forward with one foot on a fallen log and an arm resting on his knee. A felling axe was on the ground beside him. The photograph was a pinup from a teenage magazine. Sadie or one of her friends had used a felt tip pen to draw an enormous erection bursting out of the young man’s jeans. Miss Donohue frowned and slammed the door shut. She hurriedly put on the skirt, tight again over her hips, and zipped it up over the blouse. She ran her hands through her hair and tucked it behind her ears.
Miss Donohue walked from the locker to a full-length mirror facing the door. She looked at her reflection, looked longingly at Sadie. The short tight skirt made horizontal creases across her hips. She tucked the blouse more firmly into the back of her skirt so her breasts pressed against it.
She ran her hands over Sadie’s belly, up to her breasts. She cupped them lovingly. She watched her fingers tease Sadie’s nipples into prominence, smoothing the material of her bra and blouse over them. She undid a button of the blouse and slipped a hand inside. Sadie giggled and tried to push her away, but Miss Donohue persisted and felt inside Sadie’s bra, took her bare nipple between her fingers and rolled it until it grew even more.
She admired Sadie’s legs emerging from the skirt. She wondered what she would find under the skirt. Was Sadie wearing panties? Her hand descended from Sadie’s breasts, back across her belly and to the waistband of her skirt. Miss Donohue hesitated a moment, then moved over Sadie’s thigh to the skirt hem.
Sadie had stopped protesting now. Miss Donohue watched her hand circle Sadie’s thigh and disappear under her skirt. She shoved the skirt up bit by bit and revealed more gorgeous thigh. She felt Sadie’s panties before she saw them, felt they were soaking wet and the girl was ready for her. She rubbed the cotton, searching for Sadie’s mound, finding it risen and sensitive to her touch. Sadie gasped.
Miss Donohue lifted the skirt higher, revealing Sadie’s white cotton panties and her own fingers stretching them against Sadie’s sex. She felt for the tight waistband of the panties and, with one movement, thrust her hand inside and captured Sadie’s clitoris.
Miss Donohue closed her eyes and concentrated on Sadie. She felt Sadie’s rigid nipples as she moved from one breast to the other and back again inside the bra. Sadie moaned and gasped at Miss Donohue’s expert touch, spread her legs apart to let Miss Donohue make free of her.
Sadie felt the juices well in her and her orgasm start to build. Miss Donohue sensed it and held back, teased Sadie until she begged her to go on, to frig her and not stop. When Sadie could wait no longer, Miss Donohue brought her to a shuddering climax with her knowing fingers. Sadie cried out in ecstasy. Miss Donohue eased her down from her peak with slower movements. She started to think of Sadie’s fingers in her own silk knickers.
Sadie’s muscles relaxed. Miss Donohue lifted up her mouth and kissed her. Sadie’s tongue met hers.
Miss Donohue opened her eyes. She met the eyes of the Headmaster in the mirror.

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