Thursday, August 4, 2011

Introducing Lawrence and Neptune

Like Ellery Queen, Jay Lawrence and Harry Neptune are close-knit co-authors, whose inimitable tandem style has left readers doubled up - with laughter! The Jay & Harry stories were penned at breakneck speed over many thousands of miles and on several continents. From the frigid wastes of sub-arctic Canada to the sultry steam heat of Trinidad, Jay and Harry, both expatriate Celts with a fondness for a passport full of stamps, leapt out of aeroplanes large and small, clutching battered old laptops and having some rather fascinating adventures along the way… Although fact is sometimes stranger than fiction, Lawrence & Neptune’s tales are pure cartoon, a gaudy concoction, an improbable cocktail with a paper parasol on top! But the places described do, in many cases exist, for Harry really does know the tropics. And Miss Lawrence? Let’s just say that she can indeed perform a mean cha cha cha…

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